In Japanese, we show you how to use the tool, such as Toodledo task list ToDo & management

Today's work ... at what hour and minute that ends in "EndTime2" for Toodledo now has a new look

"EndTime2" is scheduled to be completed to display the task list, task management tool "ToodledoBookmarklet is dedicated. "

"Time" of the task, make the prospect of one day by the "visualization" to "end the scheduled time" of the total number of tasks
"In time as much as possible, I'll only really work to be done"
The support of my task management tool that features the original.

Despite the very simple tool maniac, it seems many people have utilized our very happy that since the release.

"Easy to read from, the more functional" This time, to commemorate the first anniversary of the birth was performed in order to update improvements.

(旧) EndTime2 How in the available "is, of course,ToodledoI think now how to start using, and if it is possible and available means to those looking for new ways to use.

If you get into unhoped-for joy is incorporated into the concept of task management and methods "estimate of the time" with this tool, be improved or streamlined approach to the challenges of even a little every day.

Overview of the "EndTime2" new

Toodledo.comWhen you run this bookmarklet screen task list, "duration" of a task in such context Sorting (grouping), it displays a window that shows the "time will end," plus the time required to the current time.

Contents of the window is updated in real time every minute.

If the URL does not change, the window will continue to show up when you move the screen. : Does not disappear even if it moves to Search from Due-Date is.

If changes or URL, you reload the screen of the browser window will disappear, so, if you want to erase, please reload the screen.

If you want to display the window disappears, it is OK if you run it clicking on the bookmarklet again.

And new features of "EndTime2" new

The basic function of bookmarklet and this was to add new features ([New!]Here are a) part of.

  • Toodledo.comの画面(タスク一覧)で各タスクの所要時間(Lengthの値)を、第1ソート項目(Context、DueDate等)ごとにグルーピングして合計し、見積ウィンドウとして表示します。
  • Displays "(time) scheduled to be completed" by adding the "total time" of the total number of tasks in the "current time".
  • And displays the recalculated every time add or edit the task, every 1 minute.
  • [New!]I changed the look to suit the new Toodledo.
  • [New!]Can be fixed or left to navigate to specify the display position and width.
  • [New!]You can choose the font size of the time.
  • [New!]You can choose the display language from Japanese and English.
  • [New!]You can view only the tasks aggregated DueDate = Today, of having star =.
  • [New!]Fixed window not moved by dragging, you can double-click on the adsorption.

Generation and registration to the browser bookmarklet

Bookmarklet, please register as a bookmark in your browser generated by the following tools.

Change the options, please try to generate while checking the display of your choice, "Preview" so you can customize the display looks like.
(Optional the changes will be reflected to the source of the "bookmarklet" to immediately)

Explain a little bit about the "Options"

Facebookページ Please answer a lot of "want to change the display position" in the questionnaire was carried out, which was set as customizable options this time.

You have easily explain several other you can set.

■ display position of the window
You can set the display position.

■ time text size
To view the time without Korasa the eye can now be also displayed in a size "large".

■ said speech
It is now possible to select a heading written in English.

■ task for which you want to aggregate
It may be for those who are Tsukaikonasa somewhat, this option assumes the use, such as by giving the "star to only those tasks do the day" or "changing the date of what can be postponed" while looking at the estimated time,
The former "Today's date (DueDate:Today)のみ集計」、
The latter is "star (If you enable by clicking the "only aggregate), other tasks are not compiled even though it appears in the list.

Toodledo when you have to try several times in a modification of the options "window is not displayed are not updated" phenomenon has occurred, let's run the bookmarklet again to reload the browser.

Preparing to Use "EndTime2" new

Once you have registered immediately bookmarkletToodledoPlease try to stay at.

First of all, who called ♪ I do not, you must first Toodledo account is stillToodledoLet's get an account with a free registration.

In order to run the bookmarklet,, "Grid" screen is the Task List of Toodledo after login has been displayed in the (-line display simple), "Length" to each task is required (time) is set
(Length is not set, or task of "0 minutes" will be excluded from the summary.)

自分が “Grid” 表示かどうかはToodledoのSettings > Display Preferences: You can check it out, if different, as if "Grid (One line with columns)Select "Let's save (Save Changes).

The setting is "Length" Then, if that is displayed in the task list screen, you have entered in minutes.

“Length” 項目自体が無いよ、という場合はToodledoのSettings > Fields/Functions Used: It is possible to display in, let's put a check save (Save Changes).

の update in the future to set

"EndTime2" new, we are planning to add improvements and features in the future in order to improve the usability and more.

And this blog Facebookページ 、Twitter @ToodledoTipsjp It will guide you is, is would be greatly appreciated when checked.

I'm glad to be able give me further feedback, such as requests and bugs.

Use and also how to take advantage of "EndTime2" We are planning let me described in another entry.

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